Saturday, June 12, 2010

A hint of coming MCM excitement, and new Swingin' Summer listings

A little bird tells us that our recently renovated kitchen will be featured in the "Spaces" section of the Birmingham News next Saturday, June 19.
Come, one and all, and rejoice with us as we celebrate function, design and completion!

But until then, a little something to keep you occupied. Summer, of course, is the time when young folks' fancies turn to . . . all thing MCM, of course. Here are a few lovely spots that could be yours.

In Crestline Gardens, a little 3/1 that backs up to the park/creek. A nice price at only 139,900:
341 Bush Street 35210

In Crestwood South, this one is just off busy Crestwood Blvd and is a bit smaller than some over in that area, but at $189,900 it is cheap entry into a great neighborhood:
5300 10th court south 35222

A foreclosure in the Bluff Park area of Hoover. This one is H U G E at 5/3.5 and looks to be a pretty swell place. $234,900.
215 Shenandoah Drive 35226

A nice one in Vestavia with a fully-contained in-law suite in the basement. $279,900.
1789 Indian Hill Road 35216

This one is in Mountain Brook, near the junior high. $349,900 is a good price for the area (the single picture in the realtor listing tells me there is work to be done inside).
133 Montevallo Lane 35213

From 1977, this one is a bit newer than what I usually feature, but that VIEW!! $369,000.
732 Shades Crest Road 35226

My husband once asked the new general manager of an industrial concern where he lived. The GM replied "why, Mountain Brook, of course." So, here is something for you general managers out there. If you've got the swag, you can buy the swagger. Original beams, wood ceilings and paneling are still intact. An extraordinarily well-preserved specimen for $599,900.
3225 Springhill Road 35223

And a couple outside of town:

This one is in Anniston. It's been listed before, but I believe the price is much lower now. Anything over $400K is a LOT of house in Anniston, but this one is pretty great, what with the pool and the Rat Pack vibe and all.
527 Hiller High Road 36207

In Alexander City. Who knew, right? And only $132,500. Of course, I don't think there are any jobs in Alex City anymore . . .
482 Sleepy Hollow 35010

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  1. you are making me want to buy a house in alabama! ;)