Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bessemer Time Capsule

This place is amazing. I know that's not something you hear a lot when discussing Bessemer, but I just have to say . . . this place is amazing. Photobucket The neighborhood is Skyview Estates, which is adjacent to Historic Lakewood, which has a strong active neighborhood group, wonderful home tours, and a love for historic homes of all kinds. So this custom pad is definitely worth a look. And for $189,900! Photobucket It is still in the hands of the original owner, and is an entertainer's dream. 3,700 square feet, central atrium with fountain, huge rooms, swanky checkerboard decking around the concrete pool (with diving board!). Kitchen and master bath have had some '80s "updates", but I know you can work with those. Photobucket The mister and I went to look at this place. How could we not. It was difficult to comprehend the enormity of it until I arrived at a new way to analyze house size: The Butt Factor. I started placing my current furniture in the place, and ran out of furniture in about two rooms. The Butt Factor allowed me to truly gauge the comparative size. In our current home, there are 17 places for one to put one's "Butt", excluding beds and footstools. In the Bessemer pad, there are . . . wait for it . . . 71! And I didn;t have to turn sideways to get past anything. Photobucket There are several custom mid-century homes in this little neighborhood. And this one is one of the best. So if schools are not a big deal to you, and you have a bit of a pioneering mindset, this could definitely be the place for you. And I want an invite to the first pool party. Photobucket