Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Mid-Century Mystery -- what is this place?

Birmingham's topography and beautiful tree canopy are wonders, indeed. But for the MCM stalker, they have more in common with the Berlin Wall than one might imagine. So, with the advent of online satellite mapping, a simple girl once shut out of many architectural wonders can now get a peek through the fence, as it were. But peeking isn't knowing -- that's where I look to you all for information.

Drummond 1

So, feast your eyes upon what appears to be a swingin' spot on Drummond Lake. Where is Drummond lake, you ask? Why, it's just south of I-459, between the Grants Mill Road and Liberty Parkway exits, north of Overton Road. You never knew it was there, did you? That's why I'm here, mod babies, to keep you in the loop.

Drummond 2

And a wondrous loop it is. This double-vaulted, A-frame, Cathay-inspired place could easily host the Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price Christmas party -- I just have to figure out how to wrangle an invite. I'm guessing, purely based on the name of the lake, that it is or was a Drummond family retreat. We should all be thankful that a chunk of mining money was put to such good architectural use. So, does anybody have the details? The rest of us are dying to know.

Drummond 3

I've found another one, too. Not far from this place. But you have to help me with this one before I post the next one. Tit for tat and all that.

(Note - if this is your personal residence and you'd rather it not be posted on this blog, just let me know and I'll take it down -- I'm not here to invade privacy, but to laud great MCM architecture).

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Inaugural Atomic Crash Party: November 13, 2010!!


And I really mean it this time. No kiddin'. No joshin'. This is the real deal. This is a chance to meet other MCM-minded souls scattered around Birmingham and enjoy a crunchy canape and a tasty beverage at the same time. Consider it a kick-off for the holiday season. It will give you a chance to stretch your party legs and blow the dust off of your chit-chat. We will discuss flat roofs, plate glass windows and strange bathrooms. We will debate the merits of the wet bar, and whether an aluminum tree and color wheel are mandatory for a proper MCM holiday.

We are offering up our own Better Homes & Gardens "Better Homes for All America" dwelling as the locale for this first shindig. Ours is a 1978 build of a 1965 plan and is one of very few MCM homes out here in the wilds of Shelby County. The plan, of course, is for the Atomic Crash Party to move about the area as other MCM owners emerge from the shadows into the light of our collective adoration.

Some of what awaits you:





But wait, there's more! Modernist architect John Fuller of Fuller, Thompson Olds will be in attendance and will share with us some history on MCM in Birmingham and his thoughts about the future (special thanks to Andy Olds for arranging this for us). I've featured some of Fuller's projects here before, but here are a few tasty morsels:


So, here is how it works.

Date: November 13, 2010

Time: 1 pm – 5 pm (Open House: come early, come late, or stay all day)

Location: Montevallo, AL (20 miles from I65/459 interchange - address will be provided upon RSVP)

Treats: Light refreshments will be served.

Imperatives: Good attitudes required.

Please RSVP to Facebook invite:

If you and your other are coming please have both RSVP, or tell us how many in your party. If you haven't done so already, please join the "Magic City Modern" Facebook group. If not on Facebook, please RSVP via email with a subject line of, "Atomic Crash Party #1" Let us know how many you’re bringing.

We’re an all-inclusive exclusive group, so if you know other Mid Century Modern enthusiasts, invite them. Just have them RSVP by one of the above methods.

Note: This is your last chance to attend an Atomic Crash Party until we decide to have another one. No pressure.

Until then, live modern!