Friday, February 4, 2011

Nest feathering: Old-school style

You know those stories about the friend of a guy whose cousin found this great thing one time? This is one of those stories. First you have to know that I was a horse chick in my past.

Go Bobby Bar and me, ca. 1980:
Bobby and me, ca. 1980

The girl sitting on the ground, to the left, is my dear old friend Suzanne, who is now a dressage trainer in Atlanta. I have come to learn that Suzanne has a roommate who apparently can source any kind of birdhouse you could ever need. Because it is not strictly our own nests that need feathering, mod babies, I direct you to the retro bird feeder, for reasons that need not be enumerated once you see the picture:


And of course in an up-to-the-minute grellow:


And a stark white, for you purists out there:


Go here to acquire these mod nests:

And if dressage is your thing, go here to see Suzanne's Blog. She's got a special way of facilitating communication in the oft-contentious triangle that is horse, rider and instructor. And she had the guts to stay in horses and excel while the rest of us wandered off into engineering, law, and other far lesser callings:


  1. Thought you needed to see this. Just reduced over 20k.

  2. I didn't know you rode! Me too in the oh so very distant past. I plan to be the grandmother with ponies. Then they'll like me best! I want to start some lessons again now that im not quite so busy...