Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Mid-Century Mystery -- what is this place?

OK, you people are letting me down. Don't sit there all lazy in your Eames Lounge chairs and make me do all the work. I begged for your assistance in getting the scoop on a mystery residence once before. This was the place:

Drummond 1

No help.

Not a peep.

I learned the Cathay cathedral on Drummond Lake was indeed in the Drummond family, but NONE of you have managed to wrangle me an invite. Here's your chance to redeem yourselves. You've seen the gate to this place on Old Leeds road, just across from Regency East Drive. I know you've seen it. I know you've wondered about it.

Osborne gate

The gate itself is sort of Roy-Rogers-meets-The-Last-Samurai. So you know something interesting has to lurk beyond. Indeed it does. I just have no idea what it is. Did you know there is a lake down there? Osborn Lake? And this . . . structure. I hesitate to call it a house, because it looks more like a World's Fair pavillion, or perhaps an Air Force Officer's Club. But the parking is limited, so I don't think it is intended for heavy use. Oh, and there is a swimming pool, a wooded statuary garden of some kind, and a decagonal (surely that is a word) barn.

Osborne 1

Seriously, what is the deal? Is this some private club for those Eyes Wide Shut parties? Perhaps a hush-hush rehab retreat for the rich and tortured? Just a DIY remodel that got seriously out of hand?

Osborne 2

Tax records show that the owner is one Mr. Osborn. (I'm sensing a pattern here with the lakes bearing the same names as the property owners -- I'm insightful that way). Mr. Osborn apears to be a real estate developer, and there is some reference to a private club. So somebody sponsor me, already. I feel like having a cocktail and maybe taking a paddleboat out for a spin.


  1. I think somebody has way too much money. Share the wealth baby! And invite us all in for a martini or two and a spin around the lake.

  2. Just bought a 1960 house in Crestwood - with original but non-functioning oven and dishwasher appliances. Any ideas who in Birmingham could help me out by repairing these rare gems??

  3. Peggie -

    There used to be an appliance repair place along 1st Ave. N. in Eastlake, just west of the Oporto intersection, on the north side of the road. They were old-school and could work on about anything, but I can't remember the name.

  4. Dear Peggie: My husband's father may can take a look at those appliances, HE CAN FIX ANYTHING, I SWEAR TO IT!!!! I live here in Crestwood and would be happy to have him come take a look :) Alx.