Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another interesting find (satellite image style)

I should be troubleshooting the lighting issues on the Christmas tree, but instead I sit here perusing the greater Birmingham area via satellite images. Man, I love these satellites. As you probably know, or as you have probably seen from prior posts on this blog, MCM architecture in Birmingham is largely hidden from view. It is primarily custom, architect-designed, and built by folks who can afford to sequester themselves among the creatures of the wild. So driving around with a camera only gets you part of the picture. The progeny of Sputnik gets you the rest.

You may not even know Cahaba River Estates exists. But now that you do, you'll realize what a rare gem it is. Turn between Carmax and Wal-Mart on 150 in Hoover and start driving around. These folks have acreage, horses, and many of them are on the Cahaba. Some of it is Jefferson County, some is Shelby County, all is unincorporated. Yes, there are some McMansions back there, but there are some swell mid-century places as well (though of a more traditional bent). Then there is this place:


Honestly, I'm not sure what to make of it. The part of the structure to the rear almost looks like an older, traditional home. But the portion facing toward the river has a definite modern vibe. There are the clerestory windows. And then the three descending tiers of . . . of something I can't really identify.


But it's pretty interesting. Some wandering around on the interwebs tells me that the owner participates in Mustang racing, which probably explains all the parking and what might be a huge garage toward the rear.


Does anybody have the scoop? I'll bet they throw a heck of a party!

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