Friday, July 31, 2009

More Available Mods

Here are a few more nice mods in the Forest Park/Avonwood/Crestwood area of Birmingham. Again, I've got no connection to the owners or brokers/agents. I just think these great houses need all the press they can get.

This one in Forest Park looks as though it has been done right:
4428 Linpark Dr

Two in Crestwood South:
1054 53rd St. S

4324 Overlook Dr.

Another in Crestwood South, on a great, dead-end view street:
5577 13th Ave S

Bonus Home: An A-frame cutie on a little private lake (pond, really) in Moody. We went to see this one, and it has a lot of potential, but would be a lot of work:
50 Maggie Way


  1. I'd take all of them!

    *Groan* Why can't I find these kinds of home in the town that I live in?

  2. ownplace -Keep up your hunt. Sometimes these gems are really hidden. But when you find one, it makes it all worthwhile!

  3. I love these places - but we love yours even more... What an amazing house. We love the garden in the middle and the great windows. Your furniture is awesome as well. My husband and I are big fans of mid-century furnishings and architecture. We live in the Chicago area - but MAY have a chance to relocate to Birmingham. If we do - we'll check out your suggestions. We also are involved with the rockabilly music scene here. Is there any of that in Birmingham?

  4. Jamie -
    Thanks for visiting Magic City Modern! If you do come to Birmingham, let me know and I can help steer you to some fertile hunting ground for MCMs. I don't know about Rockabilly here -- our music taste is more big band/swing (we play in a big band) and I'm not that up on local happenings. But the rock scene is strong, as is the bluegrass/string band scene -- could the nexus of the three be rockabilly?

  5. I bought 4428 Linpark last August. I love it! I grew up in a mid-cent modern--my father was an architect. I never realized how much I was drawn to the style until recently. Can't beat the space and the lines. Keep posting!