Saturday, March 7, 2009

Winter in Alabama

I have lived in places where snow was just a part of life: Maryland, Ohio, Colorado . . . not so Alabama. Snow is something we see once a year when we watch "A Christmas Story" on TV. So everyone was giddy with anticipation for days before the storm was to come through. We've been teased this way before only to be let down. But last Sunday morning we woke up, looked out the window, and . . . S N O W!

And another:


True, it was pretty much all gone after lunch. But it was fun while it lasted! Today, you ask? Today it is 70 degrees and I am busy slapping myself because I have loaned my convertible to my stepson. There are always 2-3 perfect convertible weeks before it starts getting truly hot. Here's to hoping I don't miss those weeks.


  1. Boo!!! Found you! Hope you and the hubs are both doing grand. LOVE the new house! You were thoroughly modern person all the time I knew you even if you lived in a 20's bungalow.

    I'm looking at a house in Forest Park... inspection is tomorrow and then will decide whether or not to make on offer. Obviously a fixer, otherwise it would be too expensive- but it's no worse than the tootie-hole was 9 years ago. Am I mad?

    Miss you! Call me sometime.

  2. Tootie!

    My inner modern diva has indeed been emancipated. I hope the Forest Park place works out. I always wanted to get to Forest Park or Highland Park, but it just never seemed to work out for us. Now we have embraced our bumpkinness and I don't know if we could again stand for visible neighbors(!) Clearly, if you have survived the Tootiehole lo these many years, a mere fixer will be nothing for you.