Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet Kermit . . .

. . . the newest addition to the family and the Mister's pride and joy. Not necessarily mid-century, as 1972 is about as mid-century as, well, as 1928. But the design for the Karmann Ghia originated in 1953, so I am officially bootstrapping Kermit into the era.


He sports his original Willow Green paint and that VW anomaly, the automatic stickshift.


I have been shocked to learn that there are apparently many folks out there (all under age 30) who have never seen a Ghia before. So it is our task to inform the world of the magnificence of the Ghia.


We are now a VW tight family. I don't know if that makes us incredibly hip or tragically unrealistic (I think the parts are made by union elves in a secret fortress deep in the Black Forest). But for now, gerne auto!

(Happy motoring!)

1 comment:

  1. What a fantastic colour on a such a beautiful looking car. Enjoy it!

    I hope you will take road trips with Kermit for many years to come.

    P.S. I'm under 30 and I've seen a few Khias, but they are not common sights for me up here in Canada.